A downloadable Omi3D for Windows

Do you know how to play Omi? If you're a Sri Lankan, you should know. It's the most popular card game in Srilanka. Everyone plays it whenever they get the chance. It's a 4 player cards game played with standerd card deck. Omi has simple rules, So it's easy to learn. There are few strategies you should learn to master the game, but you can learn them quickly while playing.

Omi 3D is the newest game to play Omi in your computer which allows you to get the real Omi game experience with quality 3D graphics. In the initial release (Version 1.0) you have the basic game play with AI players. few minor game play elements from the original Omi game is still not available. But it doesn't make the game any less enjoyable . in the next versions developer will bring you the multiplayer support and many extra features to make it more enjoyable and realistic.

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Published226 days ago
Tags3D, Card Game, omi
LicenseAll rights reserved
Average durationAbout a half-hour
Player countSingleplayer


Omi3Dv1.0-winx86-Setup.exe (13 MB)

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